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Welcome to ECCO

ECCO is the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Orange. We are an environmental watchdog and a peak environmental lobby group for the community of Orange.

End of Year Message from Nick 
Posted: December 10th 2017

President Nick King and the ECCO Committee would like to thank our members and supporters for your involvement in ECCO events and campaigns during 2017, and for your ongoing commitment to the environment. We wish you and the community of Orange a safe and sustainable Christmas with a focus on connection with family, friends and the natural environment, rather than excessive consumption. We look forward to working with you again in 2018 to achieve a genuine and equitable balance between environmental, economic and social outcomes for the city of Orange.

Community Renewable Energy Workshop
Posted: November 20th 2017

ECCO members Robert Alford, Brian Phillips and Nick King are attending the Community Renewable Energy Toolkit Workshop being held at the Flannery Centre in Bathurst on Tuesday November 28th The workshop will provide an understanding of the tools needed to enable community renewable projects to get off the ground more quickly with sound economic outcomes. It will also provide an in-depth understanding of the Community Renewable Energy Toolkit, which was developed as a guide to support community solar projects. This is a free workshop hosted by ARENA and the Frontier Impact Group and interested members of the community can still register.

ECCO Meeting to Review Priorities
Posted: October 23rd 2017

ECCO's general meeting on Wednesday October 25th will include some 'blue sky' planning for the future. ECCO started life 11 years ago with a dual focus as a grassroots environmental advocacy group and a local 'peak body' coordinating events and activities with various other, more specific-focused environmental organisations. The danger of such a broad remit is to try to be all things to all people and to become too thinly spread. ECCO has achieved an incredible amount over its decade of existence, but as with all organisations, it's important to take stock from time to time. ECCO's meeting on October 25th will provide members with the opportunity to review ECCO's core business, priorities and plans for the future! The meeting will start at 7.30pm at the ELF - hope you can make it.

ECCO Supports:
Orange Climate Action Now is a Sub-Committee of ECCO that focuses on taking local action to raise awareness about climate change and to mitigate its impact. OCAN organises direct action and local participation in global events such as Earth Hour and the Walk Against Warming.

Local Environment Awards:
ECCO hosts local environment awards to celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups who are making a real difference by taking action on climate change or helping make the City of orange a more sustainable community.

Earth First:
Earth First is a column that appears in the Central Western Daily each Saturday. It focuses on a different environmental issue each week. ECCO has been co-ordinating contributions to the column since the middle of 2008.

Daroo Urban Landcare Group:

The Daroo Urban Landcare Group is a group of volunteers working to rehabilitate and revegetate Wentworth Reserve in west Orange. Daroo was the winner of the inaugural ECCO Award for Environmental Sustainability in October 2008.

ELF Community Garden Group:
The ELF Community Garden Group established a permaculture community garden at the Environmental Learning Facility in 2005. The group continues to maintain and develop the garden, providing an opportunity for members to garden with others, share knowledge, experiment with new gardening techniques and enjoy the local produce grown in the garden.
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