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ECCO has dealt with a wide range of issues since it formed. The President’s Reports for each year of operation provide a good summary of these, as well as a history of achievements of the organisation. Details of some of the specific issues that ECCO has dealt with are provided below.

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ECCO Acts to Protect Endangered Species from DAs – November 2011

ECCO has made submissions opposing Development Applications (DAs) in William Maker Drive and in the Bloomfield Bushland area, due to their impact on endangered species and remnant bushland.

ECCO opposes the proposed 123 lot residential subdivision at 67-69 William Maker Drive in its current form due to the number of lots, the impact on the endangered ecological community (EEC), (White Box / Yellow Box / Blakely’s Red Gum Woodland), the impact on threatened fauna species (in particular, the Superb Parrot), and the isolation of the proposed Public Reserve from nearby woodland to the South West and West, and the riparian corridor to the East. Read ECCO’s submission for details.

Submission - William Maker Drive.PDF

ECCO is also opposed to Development Application 326/2011(1) for Housing for Aged and Disabled Housing affecting approximately 4 ha of native woodland on the Bloomfield Hospital site. ECCO’s main objection is the significantly damaging impact that the six group homes, office and roadworks, and the associated 50 metre wide Asset Protection Zone, will have on the flora and fauna on the site, which has been independently assessed and constitutes a biologically diverse habitat. Read ECCO’s submission for details.

Submission - Bloomfield Bushland.PDF

ECCO Helps Achieve Great Outcome for Parks – May 2011

In May 2011, ECCO warmly welcomed Orange City Council’s decision to retain 17 parks as community land rather than reclassify them for sale as part of the Local Environment Plan process. This great result was built on the hard work and active campaigning of a range of groups and individuals. ECCO's general meeting of May 25th considered ways to support these groups and the ongoing maintenance of our parks as important community assets.

ECCO Opposes the Latest HUB Proposal

At its General Meeting on 28 October 2009, ECCO unanimously resolved to lodge an objection to the Department of Planning over the proposed Orange Resource Recovery and Waste Management Project at Euchareena Road Molong and at Ophir Rd Orange (i.e. the HUB), with particular objection to the Euchareena Road component.

The main reasons for ECCO's objection are:
       •  that the project is not a regional solution to waste management, and therefore its location beyond Molong is not justified;
       •  that the composting facility should be located closer to source of green waste (i.e. it is a factory and could be anywhere); and
       •  that the proposed baled waste could be railed to an alternative landfill rather than trucked to Euchareena Rd.

ECCO is organising a mini-bus trip to Molong on Sunday 8 November to experience the route of the truck movements and to examine firsthand the proposed location of the Euchareena Road facility. The bus will depart Orange Civic Centre car park at 2pm. Seat reservations are essential. Please phone Neil Jones as soon as possible on 0419 224 461.

Submission to Dept of Planning - The HUB.PDF

Cadia East Concerns

ECCO’s submission on the Cadia East Project was endorsed at ECCO’s General Meeting on 22 July.

ECCO’s position is that it cannot support the project on the basis of information presented in the Environmental Assessment, due to the significant impact of the mining operations on local and regional surface water, groundwater resources, fauna and flora, energy consumption, and the creation of a permanent post-mining contaminated groundwater sink and permanent subsidence zone.

Read the full submission here:

ECCO  Submission.PDF

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