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Local Environment Awards:

ECCO Orange hosts local environment awards to celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups who are making a real difference by taking action on climate change or helping make the City of Orange a more sustainable community. The awards seek to identify projects and initiatives that work in practical terms, that inspire others, and that aim to improve environmental outcomes for future generations.

The awards promote the objectives of ECCO Orange, particularly those dealing with creating awareness of environmental issues, educating the community and schools, and acting as an independent advocate for the environment. The specific aims are:

1. To acknowledge, recognise and raise awareness of the good environmental practice, sustainable design, and action on climate change that is currently taking place in and around Orange.

2. To encourage and inspire others to follow the lead of the nominees and winners of the Awards.

3. To promote broader notions of sustainability that include social sustainability and a concern for future generations.

       Two awards are presented each quarter / season:

     1. The ECCO Award for Environmental Sustainability
     2. The OCAN Award for Climate Action.

       Nominees can enter in one or the other, or both.

Rules and Prizes:
       Nominations for projects/activities/events from Orange and the surrounding district will be accepted.
       Groups and individuals are able to self-nominate or can be nominated by someone else.
       ECCO Committee Members are not eligible to self-nominate or to be nominated for an Award.
       The Entry Form must be completed and can be hand written or typed.
       Attachments can be added which best describe the project, e.g. photos, plans, newspaper reports, etc.
       Entries must be emailed or posted by the closing date to the Secretary ECCO Orange at ecco.orange@gmail.com or PO Box 1582 Orange NSW 2800.
       Entries will be judged by a panel established by ECCO Orange and consisting of ECCO members and invited guests. The composition of the panel may change from          time to time.
       Nominees that are not successful the first time they enter, can nominate again.
       There is no entry fee.
       A gift certificate to the value of $100 will be awarded to the winner of each award each quarter.

Assessment Criteria:
Entries we be assessed on the following criteria:

1a. How does the project/activity/event contribute to the city of Orange becoming more environmentally sustainable? OR
1b. How does the project/activity/event contribute to combating or adapting to climate change?
2. Is the contribution of the project/activity/event sustainable over time?
3. How innovative is the project/activity/event?
4. Does the project/activity/event have potential to be taken up by other groups or individuals

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