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ECCO Supports:
Daroo Orange Urban Landcare Group:

Urban Landcare is:
Community and government working together to reduce land and water degradation, and develop sustainable land use within the urban environment.

Our Aims:
To preserve, protect, and improve the natural environment of Orange.

Achieving Our Aims:
Lobby our local council and all levels of government for sustainable urban planning.
Educate ourselves and our community on how best to preserve, protect and improve the natural environment of Orange.
Demonstrate sustainable solutions in the urban area.
Participate in projects that improve and repair our environment.

Our Present Major Project:
For several years now, our group has been working on the restoration of Wentworth Reserve with the support of funding from The Environmental Trust and assistance from Orange City Council.

Wentworth Reserve runs between Wentworth Lane and Barrett Street in west Orange, and borders the eastern edge of Wentworth Golf Club. It occupies an area of 3.45 hectares and includes remnant vegetation of grassy box woodland, a threatened ecological community.

Our project employs the principles of bush regeneration to ensure the least amount of disturbance to the site. Habitat values are retained by spacing the removal of environmental weeds, and selectively replanting with local species of the original woodland understorey. Provenance grass seed is harvested to propagate in our shadehouse and use in re-establishing native grasses in key areas. Monitoring is ongoing and photographically recorded.

Other Activities:
Daroo Group members also participate in community projects such as National Tree Day. We hold regular meetings and social get togethers to plan activities and increase our understanding of issues.

Contact Us:
If you would like to know more about our group or Wentworth Reserve, please send an email to the ECCO email address or phone one of the ECCO Committee members who will put you in contact with us.

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