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ECCO Supports:
OCAN (Orange Climate Action Now):

Orange Climate Action Now is a Sub-Committee of ECCO that focuses on local action to raise awareness about climate change and to mitigate its impact.

One of the main aims of OCAN is to provide an avenue for local people concerned about climate change to take direct action on the issue. We aim to encourage people who may be feeling despondent about the inaction and slow progress of governments, to get involved and be positive about the power of ordinary people to make a difference.

OCAN has been proactive in organising a range of important environmental and climate action initiatives including:
the Walk Against Warming in Orange
the 100% Renewables Campaign and Survey
Earth Hour events, and
attendance at the National Climate Change Conference in Canberra.

Get Involved:
OCAN is led by ECCO Secretary and founding member, Nick King. Contact Nick to find out details of the next event and how to get involved.

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